Corato Cimetery

Cimitero 2008

Are you looking for a photo of your ancestor's grave who died in Corato?
Are you going to Corato to visit the grave of your ancestor?

As part of our project, the caretaker of the cemetery, Mr. Nicola Arresta, is willing to accommodate your requests. N.B: These must pertain to deaths after 1910.
As far as possible, you will be able to obtain:
- a photo of the tomb (which, in some cases, may have a photograph of your ancestor)
- the references of its location
- a photo of the map of the cemetery showing the location of the grave
 To obtain this information, please send a written request indicating :
- the person's surname, first name and date of death (if possible, send a death certificate or other document proving the date);
- the degree of relationship to the deceased; or, if you are searching for another person, a letter from that person indicating the degree of relationship to the deceased and stating that he or she authorizes you to carry out the search.

To prevent your request from being incomplete and possibly requiring further research, please send it to We will respect the privacy of your request, which we will discuss with the cemetery caretaker. 

Plaque construction du cimetie re