Atelier Généalogique Webinar on 24/09/2021: genealogy and Coratino migration

English recording by Stephane Mourlane: 'Memories and history of migration between Italy and France'

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Project : 'A tale of two twinned cities: Corato and Grenoble

Association Atelier Généalogique, Marseille, France

Webinar in Italian broadcast from Corato (Puglia) on September 24, 2021

“Where do we go from here?”

“How can descendants of emigrants contribute to the documentation of emigration history, within the scope of Migration Studies ?"


Moderator: Biagio Salvemini, full Professor of Modern History, Aldo Moro University, Bari : "From where did the Coratini migrate? a note on the Apulian socio-economic context"

Biagio Salvemini s communication englishBiagio Salvemini s communication english

Guest of honor: Catherine Virlouvet, Professeur émérite, Aix Marseille Université, former director (2011-2019) of the Ecole Française de Rome : « The need to digitize”

Catherine Virlouvet s communication englishCatherine Virlouvet s communication english

Guest speaker: Matteo Sanfilippo, Professor of Modern History, University of Viterbo, coordinator of the journals "Studi Emigrazione" and "Archivio storico dell'emigrazione italiana" : "National model and Apulian model of emigration".

Matteo Sanfilippo s communication englishMatteo Sanfilippo s communication english

Webinar organizer : James Smith, president of the 'Atelier Généalogique' association, Marseille : "Is it possible in 2021 to write the history of Coratine migration? and in what way could genealogical studies make a relevant contribution in this regard?"

James Smith s communicationJames Smith s communication

Key address : Stéphane Mourlane, lecturer in Contemporary History, Aix Marseille Université, specialist in Italian migration : “Memories and history of migration between Italy and France” :

- voice-over recording in English, with slides :

- pdf text of English translation

Stephane Mourlane s communication englishStephane Mourlane s communication english

Other communications proposed by the Atelier Généalogique :

Jean-Philippe Di Gennaro, vice-president of the Committee of Italians Abroad (COM.IT.ES), Lyon section: in answer to a question about the impact of Coratino culture in Grenoble.

Jean Philippe Di Gennaro s communication englishJean Philippe Di Gennaro s communication english

Marina Labartino, journalist, partner in Corato of the Atelier Généalogique association: comment on the current situation of the ‘Tale of two twinned cities: Corato and Grenoble’ project

Communication by Marina Labartino englishCommunication by Marina Labartino english

Invitation to the webinar (in the context of our project)

Invitation webinar englishInvitation webinar english

Suggested reading:

- "Memories of migration between Italy and France" - Stéphane Mourlane and Matteo Sanfilippo (in French)

- Guida allo studio dell'emigrazione italiana, Michele Colucci - Matteo Sanfilippo, Viterbo, Sette Città, 2010 (in italian) :

- Studies on Studies on "change" in the analysis of acculturation processes"- Marina Labartino (in Italian)